Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bungee Sledding

In July my husband asked for a River Board for his birthday. River Boarding is done on a lake or river. One end of a bungee cord is tied to a tree on the bank of the river. The other end is hooked to a wooden board. The board looks much like a boogie board that someone might ride ocean waves with (only this board is wood and has a rubber standing pad on the top). The "crazy" boarder holds the board in front of them and allows the current to push them down stream. Once the bungee cord has reached maximum stretch the rider holds the board against their feet and allows the flow of the river and the pull of the bungee cord to pull them to their feet. The rider then rides the board up stream. It took my husband and SUPERSTAR several times, much blood and a trip to insta-care to learn how the river board.

The thing I have/am learning about teenagers is that the more dangerous the activity the more fun they have. So on Thanksgiving Day my kids had a LOT of fun. They used the bungee cord and a sled to go sledding without the hill and hike. In short the bungee cord tied to a fence and then pulled tight with a sled at the end. Let go of the bungee and get the RIDE of your life. I admit it could be safer if there were soft snow but the snow is sufficient to slide on. NOT land on. The trick is to stay on the board until it stops...DO NOT bail or you end up with a plate sized, purple bruise on your buttocks.

Pulling the bungee cord
SWEETHEART and SUGAR on two sleds
SUNSHINE on the sled
SUPERSTAR attempting to stand up
Me bailing
No, I am not going to share the buttocks picture.